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The mission of the May Dugan Center is to help people enrich and advance their lives and communities. 

Program Description: Food Lockers

Providing basic needs, like food, ensures a safety net for the most vulnerable individuals in our community and starts to solve the root causes of poverty.  The May Dugan Center’s Food Locker program’s unique model will remove barriers to food assistance in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood and reduce the effects of isolation for seniors.

Food Lockers, which are similar to curbside pickup lockers at large stores, will provide access to essential food items at any time of the day or night. This will  benefit working adults who have a hard time accessing services during regular business hours.

This program will also incorporate modern marketplace technology, such as food apps and delivery services, to provide food access for homebound seniors. 

Andy Trares, deputy director of the May Dugan Center, speaks about the Food Locker Program and the nonprofit’s other work in the community.

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