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Economic Mobility


Ravenwood Health’s mission is to build hope, empower individuals and families, and strengthen our neighborhoods through mental health and addiction services.

Program Description: Geauga County Poverty Improvement Collaborative

Housing and transportation are significant issues in Geauga County. Housing prices are higher than in surrounding areas and public transportation is minimal.

Through the Geauga County Poverty Improvement Collaborative, Ravenwood Health will work with individuals who have limited incomes identify their specific needs or barriers. Ravenwood and a consortium of partners will connect them to needed resources such as affordable housing, transportation, insurance, child care, and access to medical and behavioral health services. If the needed resource is not available, Ravenwood will help to secure funding to address the issue.

The ability to provide funding for creative solutions is a critical component of this program. By coordinating resources, services, and providing financial assistance, Ravenwood will provide the opportunities that these individuals need to improve their circumstances significantly.

Vicki Clark, president and CEO of Ravenwood Health, speaks about the Geauga County Poverty Improvement Collaborative and its goals in Geauga County.

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