Starting Point

Economic Mobility - Education


Starting Point’s mission is to ensure that high quality learning opportunities are available to every child in our community, regardless of where they were born, their race, or ethnicity.

Program Description: Early Childhood Professional Excellence Network

There is a clear connection between early education and poverty. Kindergarten readiness is the first step to success in school. Decades of research show that children who receive high quality early education are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to be employed and less likely to be dependent on government assistance.

Excellent teachers are a key piece of quality early education programs. Starting Point will launch the Early Childhood Professional Excellence Network to give educators the resources they need to prepare kids for kindergarten. More trained teachers will give young brains the foundation they need for success, and more children will be ready for kindergarten regardless of zip code, family income, and/or race.

Starting Point President and CEO Nancy Mendez speaks about the importance of early education in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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