Thea Bowman Center

Health Pathways


Thea Bowman Center’s mission is to listen to the people of Cleveland’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, learn, and do what they want and need.

Program Description: Health Literacy and Health Education

Thea Bowman Center is a dynamic resource for seniors where they can receive outreach, support, and help needed to stay healthy and happy in the community.  Thea Bowman Center will be using funding from United Way of Greater Cleveland for two innovative programs:

1)     Bridging the digital divide and health literacy for seniors to improve health- related outcomes, including a reduction in chronic health conditions, higher wellbeing, and lower depression. 

2)     Adapting components of a national barber shop model to help Black men improve their health through health education and changes in lifestyles and eating habits. 

Thea Bowman Center CEO Ella Thomas speaks about their work in the community and the goals for their proposed programs.

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