Total Community Investments 2021

Many people think that the money donated to United Way of Greater Cleveland just funds nonprofit agencies through the Community Hub for Basic Needs grants. The truth is, United Way does so much more. As stewards of our donors’ generous contributions, United Way wants to be transparent about the many ways we invest in poverty solutions across Cuyahoga and Geauga Counties.

Interactive Chart of Community Investments

This interactive chart illustrates how donors’ dollars to United Way of Greater Cleveland were invested during the 2020-2021 fiscal year. The reach of our community’s investment in United Way stretches across neighborhoods, generations, and nationalities. There are thousands of people in need in Greater Cleveland, and United Way is honored to be a trusted steward of our donors’ contributions. To see the full portfilio of United Way’s community investments, click on any piece of the pie chart to learn what United Way, its partners and other local nonprofits are doing to solve Cleveland’s poverty crisis through community investments from community donors.
Strategic Investments

Investments that adhere to United Way's community strategies and measurements.

Community Investments

Investments for situational poverty relief based on greatest present need in the community.

Direct Services

Those services that United Way provides to the community directly, such as United Way 211.

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