Request for Ideas - Geauga County

United Way Services of Geauga County has developed a Request for Ideas based on pre-determined goals with measurable outcomes and impact. United Way will focus on addressing the here and now needs of children, working adults and seniors living in poverty. The framework for making our investments going forward is organized in three strategic areas: Poverty, Mental Health, and Healthy Communities.  The innovative ideas we are seeking may be collaborative, a current program that may be enhanced, or new programming.  

  • Poverty: United Way seeks to ensure that poverty in our community does not impact children, working adults, or seniors.  For this round of funding, within this strategy, UWSGC invites proposals that address affordable housing, workforce development, or school readiness. 
  • Mental Health: United Way seeks to ensure our entire community receives the healthcare they are entitled to, specifically mental health in the wake of the pandemic.  For this round of funding, within this strategy, United Way invites proposals that address mental health programs. 
  • Healthy Communities: The pandemic brought the need for food as one of the most important needs in our County.  United Way seeks to ensure that all people are nourished with food.  For this round of funding, within this strategy, United Way invites proposals that collectively address food insecurity programs. 

The grantmaking process will begin on April 1, 2021 and conclude in the Fall of 2021.  Funding will begin in January of 2022.  A brief timeline follows:  


  • April 1 – Issue Request for Ideas 
  • April 6 – Request for Ideas, Center for Excellence Technical Assistance Session   (Click to listen to the recording. Passcode: WL?5ehuY)
  • April 29 – Request for Ideas Submissions due 5 pm  
  • May 24 – Full proposals invited 
  • June 18 – Full proposals due 5 pm 
  • July 12 – Virtual site visits invited 
  • August/September – Public Engagement Campaign 
  • October – Funding Announcement  


  • January – Funding begins  

A copy of the Request for Ideas is attached to this letter.  Ideas must be submitted via survey monkey.  The questions asked in survey monkey are stated at the end of this communication.  Any submissions not received in survey monkey will not be considered.  Proposals will be scored, and the highest scoring proposals will advance to a full proposal request.  A select group will be invited to submit a virtual site visit.  The virtual site visit may be used in campaign videos.  The public engagement campaign will be announced at the annual meeting on September 10, 2021 and funding announcements will be made in October 2021. If you have questions about the process or the Request for Ideas, please attend the Center for Excellence Technical Assistance Session on Tuesday April 6, 2021 from 9:00-10:00 A.M.  The zoom link for the Technical Assistance Session can be found here.  Additionally, Frequently Asked Questions can be found on United Way’s website.


August A. Napoli    

President and CEO    

Karen Perko

Director, Community Engagement United Way Services of Geauga

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