Workplace Campaign FAQs

After a company campaign closes, United Way does not have the ability to cancel or adjust payroll deduction pledges. Please contact your company’s Payroll Administrator to request any required changes to your deductions.

NOTE: United Way does not have access to your company’s payroll system.

Please contact your United Way representative for assistance with a credit card refund. Their contact information is located at the bottom of your employee giving website.

There are a variety of ways to pay your pledge. Please be sure to click the “Specify My Gift” box to view all options made available by your company. Options will vary based on your company policies.
Payment MethodFrequency Options
Payroll DeductionFrom every paycheck
Divided equally across # of paychecks
Only Once
Credit CardMonthly | Quarterly | Only once
May specify a charge date (or start date for installment / recurring)
Bank Transfer / E-CheckE-Check Monthly | Quarterly | Only once
May specify a charge date (or start date for installment / recurring)
Bill MeOnly once
Check or CashOnly once
StockOnly once

You may donate stock to United Way through UBS Financial Services. Full instructions are provided in a downloadable document you may share with your financial advisor.

Confirmation is automatically generated. If you have not received a confirmation, please check your spam or junk folder before reaching out to your United Way representative for assistance.

If your campaign is still open and you have given this campaign year, simply log back into your account. A pop-up with instructions to resend your receipt will be on the donation page. If your campaign has closed, please contact your United Way representative for assistance.

Thank you for your support. Please refer to your emailed donation receipt from the prior year to see your donation amount, payment method, and designations. (If your company offers rollover payroll pledges, you may also see your designations when you log in, under Edit My Gift.) You may also reach out to your United Way representative for assistance.

  • Log into the donation platform, and click Specify My Gift.
  • Select your donation amount and payment type, then click Confirm & Continue. The pointer finger buttons at the bottom of the page also move you forward or back.
  • There are five ways to direct your donation:
    • Invest in the area of greatest need by contributing to your local United Way
    • Focus Area: Give to the predefined impact areas at your local United Way
    • Another Nonprofit: Give to a single nonprofit
    • Another United Way: Give to a United Way other than your local United Way
    • Split My Donation: Give to multiple non-profit agencies and/or United Ways

  • Follow the prompts on each page to indicate the organization you wish to support. Begin typing the name of an organization to see a drop-down list of known organizations. If you do not see your preferred organization, click “Don’t see what you’re looking for?” to bring up a write-in box; enter the name and address of your preferred organization.
  • After making your designations, click Confirm & Continue to proceed to the Contact Information page.
  • Complete your contact information, then click Confirm & Continue.
  • Review your donation carefully. Click the back pointer finger to make changes.
  • Click Submit My Donation to make your pledge. You will receive a receipt via email.

Checks should be forwarded to your local United Way at: : United Way of Greater Cleveland, 1331 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland OH 44115.
Please contact your company campaign coordinator for specific instructions. Checks should include your company’s name in the memo line.

Here are a few tips to log in:

  • Carefully read the instructions in your campaign invitation email. Log-in instructions are determined by your organization’s preferences.
  • If copying and pasting your password, please make sure no extra spaces have been included before or after the text.
  • Click the “Forgot Password” text and follow the prompts for a new password to be emailed to you.
  • If all else fails, contact your United Way representative for assistance.

Your organization may allow payroll donations to “rollover” year to year. If that is the case, no further action is needed, and your pledge has already been counted. If you would care to change your pledge selections (amount or agency designations), please simply log in to the donation platform and submit a new pledge. Depending on your company’s campaign policy, you may need to opt in to next year’s rollover program after making a change.

Please see United Way of Greater Cleveland’s official designation policy on our website:

If you have logged on through Single Sign-On (typically your organization’s email and password), please do not forget to log off after completing your pledge on shared computers. This is to safeguard others from accidentally making a donation on your account.

Please ensure that you are using a browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you still encounter an error, please reach out to your United Way representative for assistance. The donation platform is not compatible with Internet Explorer, as this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft Corporation.

The “Give to Greatest Need” button is the quickest way to give and provides holistic support to your community. Payroll deduction is the only payment option, and your local United Way is the default designation.

If you would like more payment options and/or to direct your gift to particular agencies or local United Ways, please select the Specify Your Gift button.

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