Hosting a Workplace Campaign

Why Run a Workplace Campaign?

Your company is probably already demonstrating a commitment to philanthropy. United Way of Greater Cleveland can help take you to the next level in a coordinated manner that reflects a positive company culture.

With a United Way Workplace Campaign, your employees can help your organization make an impact throughout the year through donations, volunteerism, community engagement, and much more. Hosting a Workplace Campaign is a strategic way to have a collective impact on the community where your employees live and work.

Businesses Make Strong Communities. Strong Communities Make Strong Businesses.

Benefits of hosting a Workplace Campaign:

  • Stand alongside the 600+ local companies currently supporting United Way through workplace giving
  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Build staff morale in live and virtual settings
  • Connect staff with an easy way to give back
  • Social responsibility that’s connected to your community
  • Employee freedom to designate donations to charities of their choice

The Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy are Tangible

  • 78% of Americans believe companies must positively impact society in addition to making money 
  • Workplace campaigns provide the largest percentage of our funding, and the success is due to the many individual employee donations.
  • Statistics show that employees who work for companies that have a Corporate Social Responsibility program are more productive and happier in the workplace

How it Works

A designated Employee Campaign Manager and/or Campaign Committee within your organization works with a United Way Corporate Philanthropy Team member to run a campaign, typically 2-3 weeks, during which employees can make a gift to United Way. 

Ways to give include payroll deductions, credit card, direct bill, cash or check, bank transfer, and stock.

Donations are made on our online pledge site DonorPoint or by paper pledge forms. Payroll deduction information is provided at the end of your campaign making it easy for your payroll department to process.

Along with your Employee Campaign Manager, our Corporate Philanthropy Team will support your campaign efforts with:

  • Presentations- hear about the community impact of donor dollars
  • Digital and/or print materials to emphasize your commitment to helping the community
  • Resources which directly assist your employees such as 211

Need Workplace Campaign Support?

We are here to help you be more successful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer your colleagues’ questions fast with the help of our online FAQ. This resource includes everything from helpful training videos and designation information to login assistance.

Campaign Manager Toolkit

Employee Campaign Managers (ECM’s) are volunteers central to the success of the Workplace Campaign.  ECM’s can click below to access a library of materials to help them be successful! 

Recognizing Outstanding Campaigns

2023 Torchbearer Awards

The 2023 Torchbearer Awards recognize corporations, executives, and volunteer leaders who go above and beyond in their dedication to United Way and our community.

Torchbearers booklet cover

Interested in Learning More?

Contact Michelle Bosau, Senior Director, Development, at or 216-436-2197.

You may also request information by completing the form below.

Workplace Campaign Interest Form

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