Philanthropist Society Spotlight: Enid Rosenberg


Headshot of Enid Rosenberg“I like finding long-term solutions, rather than short-term results.” For Enid Rosenberg, philanthropy is a lifelong journey. It has been an ever-present extension of her caring about those around her. “I think when you care about people, you naturally find ways to involve yourself in the community. And when you involve yourself in the community, philanthropy is a natural outgrowth.”

Though Enid recognizes the importance of fundraising, she believes philanthropy starts with giving of your time and talent. When giving of one’s time, you consequently build meaningful relationships.

“I like people,” says Enid. “One of my greatest pleasures is helping people work together toward common goals. The philanthropic landscape is not about one person. It’s about collaboration and bringing people together.”

Enid aims to be a part of incremental positive change for the good of the community. To accomplish this requires time, patience, and a willingness to course correct. Success is a never-ending journey. Having the right people in the right roles is of paramount importance.

As a longtime volunteer leader in Cleveland’s Jewish and general community, Enid has personally experienced organizational shifts designed to facilitate long-term success. In times like this, she has relied on the expertise of agency staff as well as fellow board members and volunteers. In working together, a camaraderie is created that helps to allow challenging work to become enjoyable. Camaraderie is also one of the cornerstones of Enid’s involvement with United Way of Greater Cleveland.

A member of the Philanthropist Society, Enid has been involved with United Way since the early 2000’s both as a committee member and board member. In addition to the relationships she has nurtured, she also places great importance on the benefits of the learning opportunities that have been afforded to her. “As a former educator, there is great excitement in all types of learning. Every time I attend a board meeting or forum, I learn something new about the community and the people we serve.”

Enid believes that education is the great equalizer. Education is the precursor that allows higher paying jobs, economic growth, and a better quality of life. Enid recognizes that the establishment of the Community Hub for Basic Needs is yet one example of steps United Way has made toward this progress. She views The Hub as an embodiment of providing opportunity.

Enid feels that providing opportunity relies on engagement. When she was recognized as the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Volunteer of the Year, Enid reminded those in attendance that they are indeed an association of professional “relationship makers” who allow funders to fulfill their personal vision of philanthropy.

Adds Enid, “The head understands, but the heart gives. That is philanthropy in its purest form.”

For those motivated to involve themselves in philanthropy, Enid also reminds them of the health benefits of giving back. “It just makes you feel better, mentally and physically!” There is a true double benefit, a win-win, in giving of oneself.

Enid’s husband, David, is a physician who shares her belief in caring for those around us. Dr. Rosenberg is not only a caring physician, but also a community volunteer at several Jewish and general community nonprofits. There is a Jewish tenet of tikkun olam, helping to repair the world. Enid and David feel strongly that do this, they must demonstrate to their family the importance of helping others. Enid adds, “I would like to be remembered as a giving person. More importantly, I want to help teach our children and grandchildren that philanthropy is critical to the lived experience. Instilling those values in our family is just one example of ‘paying it forward.’”

Additionally, Enid is concerned about the future of our entire community. A native Clevelander, Enid believes that Cleveland has it all – a Midwestern city with arts, culture, sports, and charitable citizens. As she says, “We can match any city of any size in how much we concern ourselves for others.”

In addition to United Way, Enid remains involved with Jewish Federation of Cleveland, Mt. Sinai Health Foundation, Mandel JCC, Menorah Park, College Now, and Leadership Cleveland. She looks forward to supporting these organizations as they work with each other to create a more vibrant, committed, caring community for all of us.


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