Humanitarian Spotlight

Margaret Wong

Margaret Wong is an award-winning immigration lawyer and is the founder and managing partner of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, with offices in nine cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, and Raleigh.

Margaret’s family discovered Cleveland four decades ago, and we are so lucky to have her as an advocate for our city. “What I love most about Cleveland, is while its industrial focus has waned, it’s maintained its feel as a very international community. With all the strengths of so many heritages in one place. We all bring our culture to the greater culture, celebrating our differences while also celebrating living together. While the USA has a lot of great cities, I can’t imagine where I’d rather raise my family and be an integral part of the community.”

She is committed to mentoring young professionals and giving back to our community. “Many think philanthropy is just money from those who have enough to give. Philanthropy isn’t a tax deduction. It’s an investment in the future.”

Margaret has been an advocate and supporter of United Way for multiple decades. We asked her why she supports United Way: 

I learned philanthropy from my parents, who were business leaders in China. As newspaper publishers, Mother and Father had their fingers on the pulse of the community, and made many contributions to charity, culture and the arts … When I moved to Cleveland, I immediately began to see the effects of community philanthropy. United Way and other organizations were helping youth, the hungry, those affected by drug addiction, as well as helping foreign-born integrate with the community. As my business grew, and I was able to start giving back to the community that had given me so much, I turned to the United Way who could better invest my contributions in the Cleveland community.”

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