Health Pathways

Addressing the social determinants of health
to improve health outcomes

What we believe

Many chronic health conditions are rooted in social inequities felt most by Greater Cleveland’s low-income residents and communities of color. The Health Pathways strategy targets medical and social determinants of health to address chronic health conditions and improve health outcomes.


As of 2020, there were 26,383 seniors living in poverty in Cuyahoga County. 

  • By 2023, United Way will connect more than 10,000 seniors with food, housing, technology, and other critical services to help them maintain their independence.
  • In 2022, United Way will provide a network of coordinated support services to over 22,000 seniors with resources that help them maintain their independence.
  • By 2023, United Way will help more than 2,100 seniors increase their social support networks through engagement opportunities with agencies and friends and family.

Funding Priorities

  • Reducing health disparities
  • Increasing food security
  • Addressing environmental health issues
  • Decreasing social isolation
  • Expanded access to trauma-informed care

Community Hub for Basic Needs Partners

In March 2021, United Way announced a new source of funding for innovative programs from diverse social service agencies: The Community Hub for Basic Needs grants.

A seven-month process of applications, interviews, and input from stakeholders ensures that the grants will fuel innovative programs to combat poverty initiatives that are aligned with United Way’s community strategies. In the same way, United Way is assured that we are partnering with forward-thinking nonprofits that are aligned with our investment principles. community investments with a focus on identifying and selecting diverse, innovative agencies and programs.

Each grant is renewable in the calendar year 2023, pending review of metrics reports, participation in the Center for Excellence in Social Services, and the performance of United Way’s Annual Workplace Campaign.

The inaugural Community Hub for Basic Needs grant recipients for Health Pathways are:

Asian Services in Action
Offers healthy, culturally appropriate meals and in-person opportunities to socialize with peers, keeping seniors connected to each other.
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Family & Community Services
Works with clients in Geauga County to assess wellness and schedule food deliveries for homebound senior citizens and those who are disabled.
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Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers
Works with individuals and families who are struggling with mental health and substance abuse.
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May Dugan Center
Helps reduce hunger among people in the Ohio City neighborhood who have a hard time accessing services during regular business hours.
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Thea Bowman Center
Bridges the digital divide and health literacy for seniors to enhance health-related outcomes and lower depression.
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Impact Institute Programs

Accountable Health Communities

United Way 211 navigators provide on-site and remote screenings to help people access services that address the social determinants of health. 

Community Investments + Health

United Way brings hospital networks and health insurance companies together to invest in programs that keep people healthy.

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